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network links


Initiators of the BND campaign. Check out ecological economics campaign and you will find a whole new way to worry about the economy.

Adbusters- Culture Jammer Jp website put together by volunteers in Tokyo. No printed magazine (yet).

BND World!

BND Canada/America BND section of Adbusters. A must.
BND England BND beginner should check “101Things to do on BND!”
BND Netherland So cute…..
BND Indonesia Fun to look at!
BND Philippines Radical BND (Anarchist punks!)
BND Denmark Organized by the green consumer organization Active Consumers (Danmarks Aktive Forbrugere)
BND France Artistic posters, snappy audiovisuals. Extremely successful campaigns.
BND Germany 2004 Hotspot Berlin. Got a major national newspaper as partner.
BND Germany BND Germany
BND Israel Downloading Hebrew is necessary.
BND Italy BND Contest is interesting. They use Zenta on their posters!
BND Norway Which do you prefer- “Love” or “VISA”? (super cool posters)
BND Portugal Simple is beautiful!
BND Sweden Fancy site.
BND Mexico A lot of contents.
BND Korea BND Korea
BND Taipei BND Taipei
BND New Zealand BND New Zealand
International Buy Nothing Day(E) Good BND background info, discussion group, resources.
Buy Nothing For Kids (E) Buy Nothinf for Kids

BND Japan network members (groups, good businesses)

Sloth Club (J、E) Tokyo based organization. Their concept is "become a sloth.’
Media Literacy Project in Japan(J)


Independent Media Center(E, J)  Grassroots independent media. Anyone can publish or join.
Kyoto Journal (E) A non-profit volunteer-based quarterly magazine
Global Village(J,E) Global Village  (J,E) Eco-Organization which has fare trade company.
Earth Day Money Association(J) NPO that support community and social projects of through community currency.
88(J) Free paper focusing on Japanese rice culture.
SYNAPSE(J) Free paper of peace culture.
Tengu Natural foods(E, J) Good organic food. Cafe and event space in Saitama. They donate to BND events.
Critical Mass Global bicycle movement’s West Japan node. (website by BND logo designer!)
Okke Tomodachi Peace movement site
Association of Poor people in Nagai Park Supporting the residents of Osaka Nagai Park

Want to join us? NGO, NPO, Eco-business and so on…, check this out

Zentas also recommend

Eco Link(J) Eco Link  (J) NPO providing environmental info. You can find many links.
Big Issue Japan (J) Street paper that helps people facing homelessness to help themselves.
Be good cafe(J) NPO of organic community cafe, events, started at Tokyo. Now a nation-wide network,
Media Awareness Network (E) Media Literacy resources for teachers and parents. Includes resources and lesson plans for BND lessons!

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