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About this Site

This site is a network tool to support, promote and connect the many diverse self-organized BND activities in Japan. Also, it serves to connect these diverse groups and individuals to the wider world of BND, adbusters-inspired activism, and the grassroots globalization movement.

Team BND
Responsible for this site and the newsletter is Team BND Japan, a group of
dedicated volunteers. We are looking for reliable volunteer staff members:
networkers, NGO contacts, translators, web and graphic designers, writers,
press liaisons and office staff (every September-December, in Kyoto,
competent in Japanese).

* Network coordination, website & newsletter editor-in-chief: Gab_i Had_l
* Bulletin Board Administrator, translator: Akir_a KAT_O

Credits for the 2004 renewal
* Assistant Editor: Shim_a Morisak_i
* Webdesign: Nishid_a Yuuk_o & Hiroyuki, Yuk_i Matsumur_a (Matsumura
Creative Design Office)
* Translators: Shim_a Morisak_i, Akira KAT_O
* Links, NGO Outreach, Media Work: Satok_o Yanagihor_i
* Advisors & contributors: Ke_n Munakat_a, Marku_z Wernl_i, Robi_n

Thanks also the many people who have worked on previous versions of this
site since 1999, the members of the international BND network with whom we
share ideas and graphics freely and Gab_i's husband Johnny.

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