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Individual registration:
Fill out the signup form on the top page. Your e-mail address and name are added to the newsletter mailing list. This automatically makes you a network member.
You support the movement (strength in numbers!)
You get the newsletter BND Japan newsletter with the latest updates and developments in the global BND community ( 1-3 times a month, language of your choice (E or J) )

Local coordinator, media or small biz/NGO contact registration:

Fill out the sign-up form plus send an e-mail. Your e-mail address and name are added to the newsletter mailing list and the local organizers group press release or BND NGO network list. (an extra 2-4 mailings per year).  For more info on what to do, check the ghands and feeth and gmedia makingh sections.

We only use this info to send you the newsletters and updates. We never share your e-mail address with anyone outside the BND Japan team, and of course we do not use it to make money ;-).

Strength in Numbers:
We use the mailing list sign-up to gauge the level of participation and awareness. It is the gvisibleh part of a movement that is in many ways quiet, private or eunderground.f In October 2007, there were 400 members, individuals and organizations.


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