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BND for groups and orgs

Whatever social or environmental issues you are working on, buy nothing day is a day for you. You can use BND to highlight your issues and takle some of their root causes: overconsumption, wrong consumption patterns and bad economic policies.

  • join the BND network by signing up at   (the BNDjapan site will have a link to you, your name on the nationally used flyer and the BND PR team will mention you in the press release)
  • tell your members about it in your newsletter and your homepage ("Spend a day without shopping!")
  • highlight how less and better consumption can help solve the problems you are working on. E.g if you have a garbage reduction campaign: "Buy nothing Day=Trash free day", if you're fighting unethical pet shops "BND- a living thing is not a commodity", etc.
  • if you usually sell goods, put a note on your website on the day- "today is buy nothing day! we're not selling T-shirts today! ... but donations are welcome ;-) " (even businesses support BND in this way)
  • plan an event (maybe one connected to one of your existing campaigns and issues or join another group's event)- a symposium, a trade fleemarket, a trip to the local garbage incinerator, a cookie trade market, etc.
  • Do PR: put out flyers, posters and send the press release to your media contacts. You can get PR materials from us by mail, or download and print them from the site.
  • report back to this network hub about your plans (before) and how it went (afterwards). A BND Japan report will be circulated to an international network and the press. This gives you additional PR.

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