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BND Bulletin Board

BND-BBS Renewal

Looking for people in your area to do BND with? Want to share your thoughts about buying nothing? Have a buy nothing-message you want to share? An announcement or report about a BND related event? Links to buy nothing resources? Ideas for spending BND? Need food or a costume for your street performance? Want to tell us about your buy nothing day experiences? Have photos or drawings from your BND?
--> Use this BND electronic bulletin board
--> They will later be posted on the Event Schedule.

You can write in English or Japanese. We will try to translate as we can. Messages not directly related to this movement will be erased. If in doubt, please contact the board administrator at akato<AT>ca2.so-net.ne.jp. Thank you for your understanding. Posting Advice: To protect your e-mail address from getting harvested by spamming software, do not use "@". E.g. If your address is zenta@claus.net write it as zenta<AT>claus.net.

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