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November 24, Buy Nothing Day


Zenta Claus 14th Yearly Meditation

Meet Zenta, become Zenta (or an elf)! Zenta meditation in front of HANKYU Department Store (Shijo-Kawaramachi)
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm (participants meet at 1:30)
Wanted: Zentas, Elves, costumes!

Last year's event:

Download Leaflet(JPEG 1,116KB)。



Nov 28 or 29


Homeless BND

As every year in Osaka, will be distributing food/heat packs to people
living outside (homeless), this time near Tennoji Station, where they are
facing forced removal. Please bring kairo (heating packs) and other easily portable items as donation if you can (please no futons or pillows). BND bentos for the
homeless will be provided as every year by Second Harvest/Kansai food bank http://Kozmoz.org

Time: 11/28 or 29, 9pm-11pm (approx)
Location: JR Tennoji Station
Organizer: Fuse Yomawari no Kai (Homeless Comrades in East Osaka)
Reservation and details, please e-mail: rebel_jill (AT) resist (DOT) ca a replace (AT) with @ and (DOT) with .


Tokyo area




Postering, Flyering and Teach-ins

Some of the 500 strong subscribers of the Buy Nothing Day Newsletter are downloading posters and stickers and putting them out in their neighborhoods and workplaces. Changing the world a few people at a time…
Poster Downloads: http://bndjapan.org/english2/hands_and_feet/posters_flyers.html


Thousands of people are going to simply spend the day without spending. Some as part of a general down-shifting and simple life, others just to remind themselves that there are other things to life than money money money… Join us and share your experiences on our bulletin board!

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