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BND Bulletin Board

Welcome to the BND bulletin board
  • musings about consumer culture
  • your buy nothing or buy something experiences
  • letters to zenta claus
  • questions and answers to BND philosophy questions - and such

you can post on this bulletin board
You can write in English or Japanese. We will try to translate as we can.
For event related announcements and requests, please also use this bulletin board.
For general culture-jamming and activism, check out the discussions at Adbusters Japan (mostly Japanese) and Adbusters.org (all English)
Messages not directly related to this movement will be erased. If in doubt, please contact the board administrator. Thank you for your understanding.
Posting Advice: To protect your e-mail address from getting harvested by spamming software, do not use "(at)" i.e. instead of zenta(at)claus.net write zenta(AT)claus.net

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